Imagination driving innovation

Challenge us 

We're working with clients from all over the world, who ask us to consider how we can help make their unique project become a reality. Here's a little glimpse into the fantastic things we're co-developing. If you have a project you'd like to discuss, hit the link at the bottom of this page and let's see where our imagination will take us.  


Google Glass is providing us with many different ways to help brands and consumers interact, in real time. And we are already working with Smart Watches, integrating this technology in everyday journeys. 

Access control

Our philosophy on access control is very unusual and we are developing solutions for the leisure and security market and taking advantage of devices like Apple Watch.

Brand launches 

Brand launches can be a challenge to execute successfully. So we've been very creative with iBeacon positioning, to trigger some amazingly contextual and engaging apps. 

Video screens 

Perfecting the delivery of consumer specific content, (via video screens) has been a priority for us. We can now select and serve amazing videos, with the help of iBeacons.  

In-home ads 

We're giving brands a platform to communicate with their core audience, at home. Our approach has been to find a high impact, low intrusion solution. 

Guerrilla marketing 

Who knew iBeacons can be fun and drive some brilliant marketing opportunities... well, we knew! Guerrilla marketing will never be the same again.   

Ad agencies

iBeacons make contextual messaging and proximity notifications highly accurate. By building apps, which are triggered in tightly controlled locations, we can offer ad agencies an alternative income channel. Creating ad campaigns, that react to a persons immediate surrounding, is an amazingly powerful delivery mechanism.

We also have a content delivery solution, which influences and interacts with outdoor advertising screens.

Tech partners

Are you developing new technology which works with the bluetooth protocol, or maybe you are an iBeacon manufacturer? We really want to hear from you.