It's Monday, June 2nd and we're only 9 hours away, from hearing what Apple are planning to do with their operating systems...

I'm interested to learn how my Mac desktop will look and perform in the next few months, I've been a dedicated Mac user since 1998 and each year, around this time, WWDC sets the agenda. However, I'm really excited to see where iOS is going. And I'm certain the iBeacons will form a significant part of these developments.

As each day goes by, I'm finding more uses for iBeacons and we're bringing this functionality to clients directly. The pace of innovation, in the year since beacons came into focus, has been amazing. This innovation has largely been driven by independent companies (like Journification) but every CEO accepts that Apple has more resources to develop ideas and an amazing ecosystem, upon which to deploy these ideas.

Apple also has 800m credit cards on file, linked to iTunes.

800m is a staggering number - it's a number that grows daily and that's and exciting prospect. I think Apple is fostering an intention to become a major player, in mobile payments. iWallet will be the vehicle to do this and will I suggest it will be linked to mobile devices, via an app. iTunes will continue to exist in it's own right but won't be responsible for taking and managing our payments, as it is today.

Add in biometrics, as a security feature - already installed in the iPhone 5 S and we have a direct payment tunnel, which can be used by people on the go! People on the go, are the core target market of Journification and by blending iWallet (or whatever it's called) with iBeacons, you can pay for more things, more quickly.

If you want to know more about how I think payments on mobile will develop, you'll have to call me!

As for the other announcements relating to iBeacons, I'm sure health, access control, the prospect of linking beacons to wearable technology and in-home solutions will be discussed. I hope so, as the team at Journification are already considering these things. But we're banking on Apple changing payments and if it doesn't happen today, I'm pretty sure it will happen very soon...

Craig Kinnersley, Journification.