As we approach the midpoint of 2014, we have been enhancing and updating our product portfolio - this follows feedback from various clients and pitch meetings...

One of the things we wanted to enhance was our own website and this included the addition of this blog. The website has been updated and we'll continue to refine and add to the content included upon it. However, these updates are likely to be occasional, rather than frequent. The site gives us an amazing platform to show people what we're doing and what we can deliver but we'll only ever publish this, when we're happy about our delivery capability.

In the meantime, this blog will be used to complement our Twitter feed. It will give us, a more immediate forum to expand upon our thoughts. We'll also get to discuss what's going on with iBeacons, in the wider world. I also want to keep you informed about the key topics being discussed, by the guys at Journification.

I'll keep todays comments short. After all, I've taken up too much of your time already, setting up the blog. So what's going on?

iBeacons are gathering momentum. The press are taking note and the the tech forums are alive with speculation. I have to constantly remind myself that most people are very new to the hyper-contextual messaging world and take a deep breath, as I read much of the content.

In short, many of the things I'm reading are factually wrong... In other instances, people are misinterpreting what iBeacons can do. The answer, you might think is eduction - informing people what these little bluetooth transmitters do and more importantly, how smartphones and apps interact with them... for it's within the apps that the magic happens.

However, in the case of iBeacons, I think the best education is delivered visually. I've experienced more success, showing people what iBeacons are about and how they activate the apps we build, than talking about them.

So, I would like to meet more people and show them what we do. I want to win business this way but I'll take educating someone about our product / technology, as a win - for now!

Craig Kinnersley, Journification.